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Margate Eyecare is a dynamic full scope optometric practice with advanced 21st-century testing facilities but with old fashioned value systems. We take you back to the family set-up of medical care by offering personalized eyecare.

From our friendly and accommodating staff to our hands-on dynamic optometrist, Margate Eyecare has set itself up as the cut above the rest when it comes to personalized eye care.

We focus on the solution and not the problem. From being unsatisfied with your previous optical products to feeling you made a mistake on your frame selection, we aim to find a solution for you. As we seek a long term relationship with you, as our patient.

Our Vision & Mission


Our eyes, the windows to our souls give us good indications on what’s going on with our body. Our emotions and our health are interlinked with each other and are mapped out within or via our eyes. Our mission is to get people to understand that our bodies, especially our eyes, talk to us.

With our holistic & personalized approach to eyecare, Margate Eyecare would like to translate what your eyes are saying to you.


From simple ailments like Anemia, thyroid disease and diabetes to more complex conditions with brain involvement and tumor detecting, our eyes can often be the first warning signs of impending disease. We follow the adage ‘prevention is better than cure’, and would like to promote regular annual eye tests. Detecting vision deficiencies and eye diseases at a young age would be instrumental in preventing or minimizing sensory deprivation that would affect various aspects of one’s life.

Our Services

  • Comprehensive visual ocular examinations & management via spectacles, contact lenses, vision therapy, medication or referrals.

  • Ocular foreign body removal.

  • Issuing of vision certificates for driver’s license renewal

  • Repairs and after service for all spectacle eye wear

  • Free vision screening with shortlist of candidates requiring a full eye test, for industries and corporate firms


Our Products


 The Essilor Team

Our optical products are sourced out from Essilor, the world’s leader in optics. Essilor is a French-based optics company that is listed on the Euronext Paris Stock exchange and has been named one of Forbes 100 Most Innovative Companies for the 8th year in a row.


We use the Varilux range of multifocal lenses from Essilor, which is the number one prescribed progressive lens in over 100 countries worldwide. We use high quality lens coatings from Essilor, like the Crizal range of anti-glare, specific for harmful disease-causing blue light control emitted from digital devices, as well as up to 90% of glare block-out from oncoming vehicles at night.

Margate Eyecare uses the highly specialized and digitalized Spectrum software eye testing program.

We carry a very wide selection of designer eyewear that is always fresh and in-season. We stock sought after brands like Ray-Ban, Dolce & Gabbana, Jimmy Choo, Swarovski, Diesel, Carrera, CAT, Marc Jacobs, Fossil, etc.

Margate Eyecare has become known as THE OPTOMETRIST to visit for the most exquisite widest selection of branded updated overseas trending eye wear


Our Promotions

Pensioner Special

Pensioner Discounts

We offer special pensioner discounts via our value packages


Free Second Pair

FREE second pair of spex valued at R1600 for yourself or a family member. T’s & C’s apply


Crizal Prevencia

French based protective coating on your lenses to prevent harmful disease forming blue light off digital devices entering your eye.


Price Beat Challenge

We will better any valid written quotation


Consultation: R550-00

Foreign body removal & pathology test: R450-00

Ocular Scan: R177-00

Value Packages

(All packages include test, frame, lenses, scratch coating)

Clear single vision standard – R1595-00

Clear bifocal standard – R2795-00

Clear multifocal standard – R3750-00


Margate Eyecare now performs fundus photography.

Images of the back of our eye, which helps diagnose and track certain systemic and ocular diseases.


About Us


Margate Eyecare’s resident Optometrist, Indra Govender, has over 20 years of experience in full-scope advanced optometry as well as retail optometry.  Indra thrives on challenges and uses her passion for functional medicine in her consultations.  Indra holds a post graduate certificate of advanced study through the New England college of Optometry (USA)

 Margate Eyecare's  team strikes the perfect balance between professionalism  and friendliness. Margate Eyecare – where everyone knows your name


Myopia Control


Due to very young children's extensive use of digital devices, Myopia, commonly known as shortsightedness, has become very prevalent. If Interventions to control this shortsightedness are not implemented, your child's future is at stake. Immediate repercussions are poor school performance and poor self-esteem.  Later on in life, if Myopia progression is not addressed in childhood,  due to the stretching of the eyeball, your child is at risk of developing serious diseases like retinal detachment and glaucoma.


  1. Take your child for annual eye tests especially if there is a history of spectacle wear among the parents or siblings.
  2. See an optometrist that practices myopia control.
  3. Encourage your child to have plenty of outdoor activity.  Exercise, sunlight, and other wavelengths of light stimulate the healthy development of your child's eye.
  4. Encourage a healthy diet with fresh fruit and vegetables.
  5. Limit your child's screen time and practice the 20/20 rule for digital hygiene. For Every 20 minutes of screen time, look  20 metres away for 20 seconds. This helps to relieve the strain on our eye muscles.

MARGATE EYECARE INTRODUCING MYOPILUX, Myopia control lenses from the world's leading LAB Essilor.

Informative Videos


Crizal Prevencia

Varilux X Series


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3 years ago
I have always found Indra very helpful and she goes out of her way to assist. Her after sales has always been good and...
Karin Trollip
a year ago
We are both extremely happy with our glasses. Indra took time to test and explain everything in great detail. Nothing was too much for her....
Tom Mynhardt
a year ago
It’s simple , The team delivers more than the expectation every time. The consultation is done with care and in-depth fact finding with equipment ,that...